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How can we achieve holistic balance?

We are all aware that as human beings we have different facets of great importance to be in balance. The competence of holistic balance tells us about the ability of the person to find that physical, mental and emotional balance that allows him to manage himself properly.

Holistic Balance: Intrapersonal Intelligence Competency

This intrapersonal intelligence competence is increasingly valued and companies are aware of its relevance, so its development among people and teams is also encouraged.

We already know the expression of classical Latin, “mens sana in corpore sana” whose translation is ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ was extracted from one of the satirical poems written by the Roman author Decimus Junius Juvenal, between the first and second centuries AD and already at that time the relationship between these three aspects to lead a full life was clearly understood.

This competence is necessary to be able to increase performance and commitment also in the work environment and professional and social development.

Having a good integral balance helps us to have a good relationship with ourselves and also to relate better to the people with whom we interact. It helps us manage our emotions and regulate reactions to situations that happen to us, having greater self-control in the face of problems and avoiding inappropriate responses.


To achieve this harmony there are five essential factors for optimal physical and mental performance on which to reflect and that I detail below:


•FEEDING: Follow a balanced and varied diet and avoid excesses in food and drinks.

How is your diet? Do you eat a varied and balanced diet? How could you improve it? What are you going to start changing about your diet?


REST: Get enough sleep (normally in adults the recommendation is between 7-8 hours a day. Not sleeping the necessary amount of hours can make us more irritable and make us more likely to suffer from stress.

How many hours do you sleep? How much energy do you have in the morning when you wake up? Do you usually get up and go to bed at the same time? How do you want to improve your sleep routine?


•SPORT: Practice physical exercise regularly and in a way adapted to our body to keep us active and fit.

What sport do you practice? How often? What do you want to change or improve regarding your physical exercise routine?


• RELAXATION: it is important to be aware of the importance of effectively managing stress, because if we do not learn to control it, it can become chronic, and it will affect our health. Managing stress helps us be more productive and better withstand pressures. Perform activities that allow us to get rid of stress and disconnect to rest our mind, for example through meditation, relaxation or mindfulness.

How do you practice relaxation and disconnection? What do you want to change or start doing to improve your disconnection and get rid of stress?

Avoid toxins

• AVOID TOXINS: Do not take toxic substances for our body. Here we can also include minimizing the time we spend with toxic people, (the “victims”, the “envious”, “manipulators”), it is better to relate as little as possible with this kind of people if we want to maintain a healthy mind. If there is no choice, relate the essential, because they create discomfort.

What do you want to change to avoid toxic ingredients in your life?

Do you want to achieve holistic balance?

“Remember to continue developing your talent to reach your best version”

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