I would like to introduce myself

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  • If I had to define myself I would say that I am “passionate about people“, I have always been very curious about getting to know people from different countries and cultures and discovering other ways of interpreting the world, what motivates us and what makes us improve and, above all, what unites us.

    In my personal life this insatiable curiosity has led me to personally experience over 40 countries and study several languages. Thanks to this I have developed my  communication skills and international mindset.  I am convinced that multicultural knowledge enriches us, opens our minds and develops our empathy.

    In my professional career and thanks to this passion I have always worked in areas linked to development, training, selection and management of people and teams in several multinational companies, both inside and outside Spain. Currently, I complement this by working as an Executive Coach and I have the privilege of accompanying clients in the discovery of their dreams and in their journey of growth to find the best of themselves.

    I am an eternal researcher of positive psychology, emotional intelligence, neuro-linguistic programming and  mindfulness and their application to  talent development.

    I am exceptionally grateful for what life teaches and brings to me every day. I love to discover the positive side of experiences and intensely enjoy ‘the here and now‘. For me, happiness happens when we contribute to the improvement of society and we offer help to others.

  • My mission and values

    To help people and teams in their potential development, managing their abilities to achieve their best and their objectives and those of their organization.

    • Internationality: Adaptability and a vision for integrating  people from different countries and cultures.
    • Excellence: Desire for improvement, offering the best results to satisfy the customer.
    • Strategical vision: Ability to analyze and understand the customer’s business model and goals, acting as a partner in trust.
    • People orientation: Empathy to help people develop their talent and to achieve excellent and engaged teams within the organization.
    • Proactivity: Searching for solutions in advance, understanding different situations and customer needs.
    • Integrity: Capacity to act consistently with ethical principles and to achieve engaged commitments.
  •  Some of the challenges that I have carried out

    • Coordination of a recruitment team of 40 at international level with more than 4,000 interviews carried out. Implementation of an on-line recruitment tool in 5 languages for 10 countries.

    • Design and planning of more than 200 training courses given in more than 10 countries in four different languages.

    • Implementing Recruitment, Development and Talent Management Programmes, Performance appraisal and Career plans in 15 countries.

About my career

    • 15 years professional experience in multinational companies in the retail and services sectors within Human Resources departments, (Imaginarium, Inditex, Atento-Telefonica Group, Hertz).
    • As International & Development Human Resources Manager I have defined and implemented Recruitment, Training, Talent Development, Internal Communication, Payroll & Benefits projects in Germany, Portugal, Italy, France, Switzerland, France, Austria, China, Mexico, Argentina, Israel, Turkey, Ireland and Spain.
    • President of Aecop Aragon, (the Spanish Association of Coaching and Process Consulting). Executive Professional Coach nº 184 certified by Aecop.
    • I often give training courses at the University of Zaragoza and at several business schools.
    • I usually work with NGO’s, (Red Cross and Canfranc Foundation).
    • A degree in Business Administration from the University of Zaragoza.
    • A postgraduate degree in Innovative Leadership and Executive Coaching at ESIC, (Zaragoza).
    • Executive coach certified by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching.
    • Team Coaching Certification, (certificed by CCE- International Coach Federation).
    • Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, certified by AEPNL (Spanish Neurolinguistic Programming Association), ASESCO (Spanish Coaching Association) ICF (International Coach Federation) and AECOP.
    • Practitioner in Emotional Intelligence
    • A Marketing Postgraduate degree at the High Business School in Pau, (France).
    • A high level of communication in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Noelia is a very friendly, responsible, competent and enthusiastic person and colleague. She has a great sense of work ethics and integrity and possesses a large knowledge of organizations, management, recruitment and development, which she combines magnificently well with her coaching skills. Noelia is an outstanding professional and I have no doubt in recommending her for any project.

Author's imageWinni SchindlerGeneral Manager Schindler and Executive Coach