In the current environment, the best companies can be recognised by their continuous investment to attract, select and manage talent, to enhance the personal and professional development of their teams. As a result they are organizations made up of happier people, who therefore contribute to achieve the best results.

I help organizations that share this strategical vision of people and strive for business excellence.

Who am I addressing?

  • Companies

    Do you dream of developing your business in another country but do not know where to begin to look for the best team? Are you wary of recruitment and training companies who do not speak your language or who do not understand your business? Would you like to build leading teams? Do you want to know how to develop and retain the best talent?

    I can help you in the search for talent at an international level to recruit, train and develop a winning team, inside and outside Spain.

  • Institutions

    Would you  like your students and clients to be ready and prepared for an interview with a multinational company? Would you like to train them to work in a private company? Do you want to be a pioneer in preparing them with international vision and languages? Do you want to facilitate their access to the job market?

    I can train your clients and students with the strategical and international vision that multinational companies require nowadays.

  • Professionals

    Are you lost on the career path? Are you faced with a new challenge or professional promotion that you don’t know how to deal with? Are you sure of your professional goals but lacking the means of achieving this? Do you want to adapt better to new trends in the environment? Do you want to be a better leader? Do you want to achieve the best in yourself?

    I can accompany you to discover your dream, define your goals and establish action plans to achieve them.

What solutions do I offer?

  •  Executive coaching

    Coaching processes, where the professional can release their talent through the discovery of their dreams and goals, detecting their strengths and the development and follow up of a concrete action plan.

    •  Individual Coaching
    • Team Coaching
    • Coaching for Leaders
    • Retail Coaching
    • Coaching for entrepreneurs
    • Coaching for internationalisation
  •  Training and Development

    Design and delivery of training courses and presentations, very dynamic and practical, adapted to the client and its sector, always tailor-made. They can be provided in four languages: Spanish,  English, French and Italian.

    • Innovative Leadership keys
    • Talent detection and selection
    • Training for trainers
    • Teamwork and Communication
    • Sales Techniques
    • Professional branding
  •  Consultancy and Advisory

    Personalized consultancy and advice, fully adapted to the reality of each customer and business, to solve situations, to clarify doubts or to train you about people management questions.

    • International Talent Management.
    • Skills management and development
    • Recruitment, Training and Development
    • Career paths
    • Performance appraisal
    • Remuneration policy
  •  Recruitment

    Recruitment processes based on skills, that allows the evaluation of behavioural competencies, attitudes, skills and motivations that will enable the professional to get excellent results in his/her new position.

    • Needs analysis
    • Job descriptions and profiles
    • National and/or international recruiting
    • Group recruitment dynamics
    • Personal interviews
    • Head hunting

What makes me different?

I work as a reliable advisor, with the ability to analyze and understand each business and every customer’s needs, offering personalised and tailor-made solutions.

  • Strategical and business vision, 15 years experience in Human Resources departments in multinational companies in Retail and Services sectors.

  • Experience implementing people management and team development projects in 15 countries.

  • Multicultural mentality and communication skills in English, French,  Italian and Spanish.

  • Executive Coach officially certified by AECOP, (CP No. 184).

  • Executive coach certified by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching.