mejorar mi comunicación en público

How can I improve my public communication? Today we will talk about a competence of interpersonal intelligence, which is communication. We will focus on
how to develop effective communication
when we are in front of a group of people.

The ability to communicate effectively in public affects our credibility as professionals and as people and usually has a high impact on the achievement of our goals and the ability to influence other people.

Tips to improve your public communication

In my opinion, there are other competencies that are related to this effective communication to a group of people.

On the one hand, self-control, or the management of our emotions or fears to face these communications, orientation to the objective, (being clear about what the objective of my message is and the action I want to achieve with my communication) and the ability to empathize and establish connection with people.

3 Aspects of Communicating in Public

In communications to an audience, we must be aware of the importance of 3 aspects to take into account in our message:

1- Clarity: That the main message of your communication is clear, that it can be easily remembered, that it is memorable.
2- Utility: That your audience can perceive what is the added value that your message brings.
3- Practicality: That it can be applied in your day-to-day life in some way.


Grab pen and paper and think about the next communication you have to make in public and prepare each of the stages of the next structure.

o MESSAGE: What do you want to achieve with your communication? What is the memorable message you want them to remember at the end of your presentation/communication?

o AUDIENCE: Who is your audience? What do you know about them? What do they know about you and what you’re going to convey?

o ENVIRONMENT: Where are you going to do the communication? What resources do you have? How long? How to use these aspects in the most effective way?

4 Phases of Communication Structure

Analyze the 4 phases of the structure of effective communication in relation to your message and presentation. Write down these ideas:

1) ATTENTION: It is said that it only takes 60-90 seconds to create a good (or bad) first impression about someone. The first 90 seconds of your communication are key to drawing attention to yourself and what you want to say. Make an impact in that first moment to capture the attention of your interlocutor and make them decide to listen to you.

You can use several techniques:

1- Ask a reflection question.
2- Storytelling: telling a story related to the message you want to convey.
3- Tell a personal story or experience.
4- Show a video or photo that represents an idea you want to develop, etc.

Thus, it is also important that you introduce yourself, (especially if the audience does not know you), in a way that increases your credibility about what you are going to say. For example, briefly telling your experience or knowledge about the topic you are going to discuss.

2) DEVELOPMENT: Expand on your idea by indicating what your audience’s need satisfies or what problem it can solve. It is important that it is clear what added value you are going to bring with your idea or message.

3) EXPLANATION: Convey how you are going to do it, what makes you different and the reasons or arguments that support the success of your idea.

4) FINAL BRUSH: Repeat the strong point of your idea (your memorable message) and make your “call to action”, what you want to get from your audience. Example: that they are aware of your message, or that they reflect on something, or that they do something concrete, etc.

What would you like to add or contribute on this topic?

Do you know how to improve your communication in public?

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