la atención al detalle

What is attention to detail?

Attention to detail is the ability to analyze details thoroughly and accurately from large volumes of information or data. It is the ability to process detailed information effectively and consistently.

People who have developed this competence are able to categorize information, pay attention to small details that for other people could go unnoticed. They usually demonstrate method and order in the management of data and specific information.

They are also people capable of detecting errors or inconsistencies in large amounts of information, they are usually observant and attentive.

In companies, the competence of attention to detail is highly valued because it minimizes errors, which speeds up workloads and deadlines.

Thus, this competence is interesting especially in those projects or positions that require the person to be able to read, observe and analyze in detail small portions of information within a large data set.

This competence of intrapersonal intelligence is therefore also usually related to the ability to concentrate, analytical ability and patience.


Some ideas that can facilitate us to develop this capacity can be:


• Reading is one of the exercises that most help to develop a greater understanding and analysis of information. Encouraging the habit of reading and also making written summaries of the information read, as well as diagrams or graphs with the most relevant information allows to develop the capacity for analysis and reading comprehension. Also propose to oneself to count or detect a set of keywords in a text, for example, or a recurring element in reading.

Exercises in texts

• Perform exercises in texts in which information has to be categorized, as well as in writing down the ideas of what is relevant from what is not in the text.


• Practice concentration with games and stimulating activities at a numerical and analytical level, such as sudokus, puzzles, etc.


• Exercise memory, either through learning new things or through brain games or techniques that stimulate your brain and keep it active and functioning.


• Practice observing an image for 10 seconds, paying attention to all possible details and then, covering the image, make the written description of the observed image as detailed as possible. Practice this exercise consistently for at least 3 weeks on a daily basis.

Work routine

• It is also important to maintain a specific work routine when special attention to detail is required, taking into account these steps:
o Work on small blocks of information.
o Use a time meter in which you will be focused on that block and then take a short break.
Be aware of what time of day you work best and your attention span and concentration is greater.
Make a realistic list of tasks you’ll focus on throughout the day.
o Turn off all notifications, email notifications, calls, etc. when you need to be focused.
o Start with the most complicated task.
o Don’t rush to deliver the work. Review and review it several times before handing it in paying attention to the key points.

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What would you bring about this attention to detail competence?


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