5 mejores libros de desarrollo personal (parte II) coaching

What are the 15 best personal development books? Continuing with the proposal of leadership and personal development books that
I shared with you in the previous post
, I continue this time with the rest of the selection:

15 Best Personal Development Books (Part II)

9. “Everyday Heroes”, Pilar Jericó

In her book, the author conveys confidence in our own abilities to develop our self-esteem and how to face difficulties in order to continue developing and improving.

It is a reflection that invites us to value ourselves more and find our own internal motivation to face adverse situations.

10. “Shine,” Lynda Gratton

With a cheerful and optimistic approach, the author addresses the experiences and reflections of people who radiate enthusiasm and positive energy and who are able to overcome situations of adversity with a mindset of learning and growth.

Lynda also analyzes in her book how the interpersonal relationships of this type of people are and what are the foundations for us to develop these capacities in our lives.

11. “Man’s Search for Meaning,” Viktor E. Frankl

This neurologist and psychiatrist, founder of logotherapy and survivor of a Nazi concentration camp, shares with us very interesting experiences and reflections on his research and experiences.

Their extraordinary contributions help us understand the importance of motivation associated with a life purpose, a clear mission and vision and values that are the driving force in the face of adversity.

12. “The Nine Revelations,” James Redfield

The author talks about the importance of becoming aware of the “coincidences” in our lives, which have to do with synchronous events and feedback have a causality.

It also talks about the importance of identifying your purpose, of being connected with energy, (your own divine energy and that of other living beings and the environment).

It also talks about the importance of love and knowing your personal mission to be able to flow in your life towards your own evolution and transformation.

13. “In Defense of Happiness,” Matthieu Ricard

From his Buddhist vision, the author makes several reflections with very inspiring ideas about happiness, which he considers to depend on oneself.

According to Ricard, it is in our hands, through patient work and carried out day by day, to build that happiness, which involves identifying and changing the aspects that we do not like about ourselves.

14. “True Happiness,” Martin E. P. Seligman

Based on his research, Dr. Seligman proposes the concept of “learned optimism” within positive psychology.

It raises the importance of focusing on our strengths to learn, enjoy, be cheerful, supportive, generous, and be able to develop the traits we already have to achieve happiness and improve our lives.

15. “The Force of Optimism”, Luis Rojas Marcos

From positive thinking, Dr. Rojas Marcos identifies temperament traits, analyzes the disposition towards optimism of certain people and examines the effects of optimism on people’s relationships, health and work.

From rigor and research, the author shares the conclusions on the benefits of optimism to face adversities in life.

What personal development books would you add?

Of course, this selection could be completed with many other excellent books on personal development.

I would love for you to send me your suggestions on which books have inspired or influenced you on this subject…

Which ones would you recommend?

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