orientación al cliente

What is customer orientation? How to develop customer orientation?

We talked about customer orientation. Do you know what customer orientation is and how to develop it? Customer orientation is the ability to establish and maintain sustainable relationships with people with customers, (internal or external). People with this competence tend to prioritize customer satisfaction and adopt strategies and tactics to provide the best service, anticipating their needs and investigating their tastes and preferences, so that it translates into an optimal relationship with them.

People with high customer orientation usually encourage close and / or permanent contact with customers, providing support when they need it, showing a genuine interest in people and improving the service they offer.

They have the facility to generate relationships of trust with their customers stable over time, so it is a highly valued competence in companies today.

It is related to skills such as communication, empathy, active listening and results orientation.


Trust level

Make a reflection and decide which are the 10 people with whom you interact in the work environment, (they can be customers, suppliers, collaborators, bosses, etc.), what you would say is the level of trust they have towards you.

Reflect and write down in writing, for each of them:

What could you do to increase their trust in you?
o How could you increase the added value of what they expect from you?
o What do you know about them on a personal level? How could you show more interest in them on a personal level and build a more personal relationship?
o When you interact with them, is it usually to ask them for things or to offer your help, time or listening? How can you increase the time spent with them in a selfless way?

Customer satisfaction

Also reflect on how your customer satisfaction is tracked once you finish the project or service with them.

How can you follow up more personally? How do you evaluate their satisfaction?

How do you react if the level of satisfaction is not optimal?

So, how do you compensate the customer for a deficit service on your part?

What new actions do you want to start doing from now on?

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