con autonomia competencia

How to act autonomously?

Today I would like to share some thoughts on autonomy. Acting autonomously is the competence that tells us about the person’s ability to imagine, design, develop and evaluate actions or projects and also to carry them out with confidence, responsibility and a critical spirit.

Self-employed people decide with their own criteria, weighing the options and resources necessary to successfully achieve their goals, answering for their actions in a personal way. They are people who reflect on their goals and projects and who also transform their ideas into actions.

It shows the ability to behave in a reflective way, proposing proposals and projects demonstrating initiative, being creative and calculating and taking risks when facing problems, all while cooperating with others without isolating oneself in individualism.

It refers to acting with one’s own criteria to execute initiatives and projects, developed responsibly, ensuring one’s own rights and respecting those of others.

What does it mean to act autonomously? How to demonstrate autonomy and capacity?


I suggest you take some time to meditate on the following aspects:

  • On a situation in the past, reflect and write down:
    What are the values that drove you to act?
    How did you feel in that situation, before you carried out your plan? During? After?
    What strengths did you lean on? What did you learn?
    What did you miss? What were the barriers? Who helped you overcome those difficulties?
    What difficult decision did you have to make? What do you realize now as you think back about the situation? What did you develop?


  • About a situation you are currently facing, reflect and write:
    What decision would you like to make in order to act autonomously? What resources and strengths do you have now to deal with that situation? What do you take away from the previous situation you’ve analyzed?
    What obstacles do you have now? Who can help you overcome them? What or who can you lean on?
    What are the first steps you can take to address this situation in the coming days? In the coming weeks? In the next 3 months?
    What ideas can you think of that you can start trying? What’s the best planning you’d like to do?


  • Make a realistic plan for the next 4 weeks you want to commit to. Establish the resources you need and how you’re going to get them.
  • Define how you are going to measure your achievements and when you are going to evaluate the progress you are making.
  • Decide who you want to talk to to get support for your project and also what actions you are going to do on your own, regardless of whether you don’t have external support to carry them out. Set dates for those actions you want to commit to.

What would you like to share about these ideas on how to act autonomously?

What has been positive for you in your own experience to develop your autonomy of decision and action?



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